About Us

Aniyah Owner of Her Royal Lips (HRL)

Her Royal Lips (HRL) is a family owned business brought to fruition through the entrepreneurial mind of our daughter, Aniyah. "Women are Royalty! And I want to empower every woman and girl with my product line." ~ Aniyah, Founder/Owner (HRL)


We use natural and organic ingredients to make products. For HRL, less ingredients means more natural and safe products for our customers.


We at Her Royal Lips pride  ourselves on being a small but mighty company that works hard to provide quality service. Although the pandemic has made it challenging for products to be shipped and delivered in a timely manner. If you live in Philadelphia, depending on your zip code, we'll deliver your order directly to you! We also offer standard and express shipping through USPS for all other customers living outside the city.

Keep it Classy and Glamorous!

We at Her Royal Lips love designing glamorous products! We want our customers to use and share/gift our products in ways that bring them joy. We aim to design fun, beautiful, and creative products for everyday women and girls.

We are abiding by all COVID-19 health guidance for businesses recommended by the CDC.