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Lip Gloss 101

Instead of putting lip gloss on like lipstick(swiping it on from one side to another on each lip), apply gloss on the middle of your bottom liponly, then rub your lips together. This adds the perfect amount of sheen while keeping the glossfrom getting goopy.


Exfoliate First!

Lip gloss is quick, easy and beautiful, but it can also be sticky and smeary. If you don't exfoliate first, you're leaving dry, flaky skin instead of a smooth surface to adhere to. Our favorite (and the easiest!) way to exfoliate lips is with a toothbrush. 
Wet your toothbrush and gently brush it across your lips in a circular motion. This is just enough to slough off the dead skin without being too harsh.


Beat Stickiness


If your gloss is sticky or clumpy, try running an ice cube over the top of your lips after applying. It smooths it out and de-goops it. Another easy sticky fix is to dust translucent face powder over the top - not too much, or it will clump. 
Lip gloss doesn't have to be banned from your repertoire. With these easy tips to beat stickiness and keep your lips shining, lip gloss can be a fun part of your makeup routine.